Opportunities for Kent investors, property developers and people looking to sell their Kent property

Why use our Kent Property Investment Programme?

There are many benefits to our Property Investment Programme. Probably the key benefit is that even if you only have a small amount to invest, by pooling together with other investors in our programme, you can start to make the most of your money. So, why earn 1% interest on £10,000 stuck in a savings account when that same £10,000 could potentially earn you the equivalent of 20% or more?

Do you have a Kent property for sale?

Do you have a Kent property for sale? At Kent Property Investment we are always looking for residential and commercial properties in the East Kent (Thanet) areas for sale that we can refurbish. We will consider any type of property – even those that are distressed and need a full renovation – and are particularly interested in period properties that will suit families looking to move down from London or buy second homes in Kent. Please contact us if you have a Kent property for sale.

Kent property opportunities

We have a number of opportunities for both investors, property developers, and for people looking to sell a commercial or residential property:

  • INVESTORS – from as little as £10,000 you can invest a property to either be refurbished and resold, or for letting;
  • SELLERS – save yourself estate agents fees and come to us first! We will always consider residential and commercial properties anywhere in the Thanet and surrounding areas;
  • PROPERTY DEVELOPERS – we can manage renovation projects for other developers for a cut of the re-sale profits.


Opportunities and solutions for property investors, property developers and people looking to sell their Kent property

Calling property investors! ... If you are looking to invest in property, but feel you don’t have enough finance, experience, or time to do it yourself, then our Property Investment Programme could just be just what you are looking for. We gather together like minded individuals to make a ‘pot’ that we then use for Property Investment.

From as little as a £10,000 investment, you can buy into a property that we’ll develop and sell-on. Profits will be split on a pro rata basis – so what each investor gets back is based on what they have put in as a percentage of the total. We also have opportunities for you to buy in to Kent property for letting, too.

Click here to see some of the current investment properties we are looking for investors to co-invest in.

If you want to sell your Kent property … or you are a developer

If you want to sell your Kent property, then we may well be very interested. We will consider all property types, both residential and commercial, in the East Kent / Thanet areas, and aim to offer you a fair price. Often we are in the position of being a cash buyer, meaning you won’t have to wait for us to arrange a mortgage.

Are you a property developer? ... We can help Kent property developers by managing an existing project or helping where it has overrun. We can even refurbish a property you have bought, and take a cut of the profits from its resale. Our team of skilled trades from our sister company V R Obbard can do everything from roofing to plumbing to painting, politely, intelligently and cost-effectively.